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Salutorget, Åbo, by night

Posted by Power.

I was unfortunately a bit late to the opening and missed the op to receive flowers for my deed of choosing the three artists. I was met by a wall of the backs of elderly men in fancy suits and their spouses in fancy dresses. This was by no means a regular opening in the sense that it is normally filled with artists and other free-loaders like myself. Instead it seemed like a cocktail for the upper class of Turku. Anyway. The place was packed and the art works were looked upon and the peeps actually sat down and looked at the videos on display. There were many!

Here is a trailer of the new Lisa Jeannin film, Me Tarzan, You Insane that is on display now:

I met Kari Immonen, the director of Turku Art Museum who I met in Tallinn some years ago over some infamous millimallakas and it was fun to speak about this and that, and the artists Mom & Jerry circulated the rooms with a boombox, asking the ladies if they had any valium they could buy.

2013-05-08 19.49.19

Mom & Jerry

Mom and Jerry was a bit pissed off that the text written by artist Michael Baers was considered too raunchy for the official catalog of Turku biennial, which is understandable. That they are pissed off, I mean. And it is quite weird not to publish the text that seems harmless enough, even though it describes horrible things.

Kapoor in the bathroom

Kapoor in the bathroom

We all had some food, drank some wine, went to the bar Apteekki, an old pharmacy, and I went home boringly early.

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