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Since I am both Swedish and Norwegian (Swedish dad and Norwegian mum) I was always annoyed by the fact that so little information goes across the border (in both directions) when it comes to the art world. It is annoying because there are so many great artists in both countries and someone who is “world-famous” in one country is completely unknown in the other. That is something I have always wanted to change.

The three/four hour drive between Moss and Gothenburg is not long. There is a biennial in both cities – and it often overlaps in time. The biennials will overlap next year too, Momentum 7 will open in June and the Gothenburg International Biennial will open in September. The two artistic directors, Stina Edblom and Edi Muka, have not yet announced the curators for the next biennial, but we have started to plan a collaboration together in the format of a joint seminar. The seminar is planned to take place close to the end of Momentum, and when the Gothenburg Biennial just has opened. We have recently applied for funding for this project, and need to make more applications because we need external funding for such a project. The plan is to start the seminar in Moss, then use the next day for transports to Gothenburg and a key-note speaker there (and a party) and then have a third day of speakers during day three in Gothenburg. Another collaboration that we are hoping for is some sort of transportation discount between the two cities, sort of “get two biennials for the price of one”. Let’s see if we can make it happen!

Gang of SITE, Staffan Lundgren, Kim West and Sven-Olov Wallenstein

But back to the seminar – we have reached out to a number of different possible collaborators, and will continue with this as well, but one collaborator that will somehow participate, if we get the much needed funding, is SITE. SITE was founded by Sven-Olov Wallenstein and myself as well as a bunch of other people orbiting around Wallenstein in 2001. We have since done plenty with the magazine-cum-periodic-book; seminars, clubs, salons, translations of Giorgio Agamben, Jacques Rancére, Jean Genet, etc. We have had plenty of fun doing it, and one or three glasses of wine has been engulfed while at it. After a meeting yesterday with Wallenstein, Kim West and Staffan Lundgren it looks like there might even be a plan ahead for the first day of the seminar. Looking so much forward, and cross fingers that we’ll get massive funding to do a killer-seminar!


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